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Physicals and Exams

Billings Clinic Occupational Health provides a variety of physicals and examinations to assist your organization. To receive more information, call our office at (406) 247-2600.

Pre-Placement Post-Offer Physicals

Pre-placement post-offer exams are valuable in the hiring process and can be used to determine if a prospective employee is physically able to perform essential functions of the job, while providing a baseline of the employee's health status at the time of hire.

Annual and Periodic Physicals

Periodic examinations monitor the health and safety of your employees. These evaluations will include all or some of the components of the pre-placement exams as appropriate to the specific need. Periodic exams are structured to meet regulatory requirements of OSHA, DOT and other agencies.

DOT Medical Examinations

Our providers are certified medical examiners on the National Registry. Help your employees arrive prepared for their DOT examination by providing them this checklist.

Surveillance Programs

We can offer testing and medical examination services to meet the needs of your Hearing Conservation Program, Respiratory Protection Program, or other surveillance needs.

Physical Ability Tests

If a job requires physical skill or manual labor, physical ability testing can help ensure an employee’s capacity matches the job requirements. Our physical therapists are experienced in occupational standards, and can perform standardized testing provided by your organization, or help you design your own customized test based on the duties required.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) objectively measures an injured employee's capability, not disability, by identifying safe performance capabilities and comparing them to the job requirements detailed in the job description. Comprehensive evaluations can be a very effective work injury, medical management and disability management tool.  FCEs are typically requested by case managers, physicians, state agencies, insurance companies, or attorneys. We do not currently offer self-scheduled FCEs.

Focused Fit for Duty/Return to Work Examinations

Billings Clinic offers two types of focused examinations to ensure employees can perform their duties without posing a threat to his or her health, coworkers, or the public. These examinations can protect employees from an injury, and employers from a new workers’ compensation claim. Unlike a post-offer/pre-placement physical, these often focus on a specific injury or health issue that has occurred.

Fitness for Duty Evaluation

A Fitness-For-Duty (FFD) medical evaluation is useful to address concerns about an employee’s ability to perform their duties safely. This type of evaluation is often requested after an employee has been involved in an accident or demonstrated behavior that causes concern, or if there have been other recent health issues or medications that could impair his or her ability to perform the essential functions of the job.

Return to Work Evaluation

An employee who has been out of work due to a medical condition (often resulting in a medical leave of absence) may benefit from a Return-To-Work (RTW) medical evaluation. During this examination, the provider will ensure the employee can perform the essential functions of their job and safely return to work.

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