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Work Conditioning Program

This physical and occupational therapy program provides physical conditioning in a simulated working environment for the recovering injured worker. The goal of work conditioning is to help the injured worker achieve an acceptable level of productivity in the competitive labor market. We encourage the worker to return to work on a modified basis while in the program. Therapists are available to visit the worksite with the worker and make suggestions to facilitate their return to work. A Functional Capacity Evaluation is performed upon completion.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Functional Capacity Evaluation objectively measures an injured employee's capability, not disability, by identifying an injured employee's safe capabilities and comparing them to the job requirements detailed in the job analysis. The end result is a comprehensive evaluation that provides the employer with guidelines for safe return to work by the employee. Get more information about Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist uses skill in evaluation and functional restoration for a comprehensive approach to return an injured employee back to the workplace. The physical therapist implements the appropriate treatment for an injured worker. If a continuum of care is needed, the employee is treated on a prescribed schedule until a safe return to work can be achieved.

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