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Published on May 16, 2017

ACL Reconstruction Allows Karri to Keep Challenging Herself

Karri - mom, nurse, avid cross trainer

Billings Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine - Nothing is Routine Patient Story - Karri

One of Karri Vesey's biggest dreams was to participate in Spartan Races; the Sprint, Super, and the Beast. She gathered a team of her cross-training athlete friends from her box to join her on this journey. They completed the Super Spartan, in Mesquite Nevada, March of 2016 and planned to compete in the Beast in Big Fork in May of that year.

May 7th, was the day to conquer the Beast. They were ready for the glorious views and rewarding climbs. Sandbag carrying, barbed wire crawl, net climb and the infamous wall.

Motivating the team was Karri’s favorite part of the races. They were all doing well and the team made it to the 12-mile mark, and the infamous wall. Coming over the 8-foot wall, Karri caught herself twisting as she came down and landed sideways on her left leg. Her femur went one way and her tibia went the other. Being a nurse, she knew it was not good, however she only had 1.2 miles left and desperately wanted to finish, so she tried to get up. After realizing she couldn’t put any weight on her leg, her heart sank. She felt like she was letting her team down as she was taken down the last hill of the race by medics.

Dr. Noah Marks, orthopedic surgeon, took a look at her MRI and saw that her ACL was rolled up underneath her meniscus. Karri would need ACL reconstruction and partial Meniscectomy. June 9th was surgery day where they took a hamstring graft to build her a new ACL.

“Dr. Marks is so wonderful,” she said. “He checked on me at home and let me know I could call him anytime if I had questions about my recovery.”

The orthopedic team’s care and treatment was specialized to fit Karri’s athletic lifestyle and needs. Her Physical Therapist, Bill Dolan, PT, worked closely with Dr. Marks and provided a team approach to her care. Karri knows there’s nothing routine about that.

Today, Karri mentions, “my injured leg is now called my good leg.” She is back to playing with her daughter like she used to and attending cross training classes, hoping one day, she will conquer that Beast.

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Behind the Scenes - Karri's Story

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Karri Behind the Scenes - Orthopedic Patient Story

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