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Parent Resources

Caring for Kids

Our Caring for Kids blog is written by parents who are also pediatricians.

They tackle challenges you also may have with your children. We’d like to offer advice, insight and assistance - from a source you can trust.

Great topics include fever, bedwetting, tantrums and what to do if you lose your child in Costco.

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The Pediatric Care Team at Billings Clinic is privileged to partner with parents to nurture their children through their first 18 years of life offering the compassionate, expert and comprehensive care every child needs. Billings Clinic has built a team of outstanding physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, dieticians and therapists to provide the expertise required to care for your children.

In addition to caring for your child in a patient care setting, we want to be a resource to you at other times as well.

General Pediatric Resources

Pediatric Urology Resources

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