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Atrium Pharmacy

*Curbside pick-up is no longer available.

Please call (406) 238-2084 for more information.

Billings Clinic offers a convenient pharmacy on their downtown campus. We can save you time and hassle of having to make another stop after your hospital or clinic visit. Located at the south entrance of the hospital atrium, the Atrium Pharmacy serves employees, volunteers, inpatients being discharged, patients of SameDay Care, Emergency Department, Pediatrics, Endoscopy and Outpatient Surgery. It’s convenient and our pricing is competitive. 


Meds-to-Beds is a bedside service offered at Billings Clinic to enhance the patient’s discharge process. The Atrium Pharmacy staff will deliver discharge prescriptions directly to the patient prior to leaving the hospital room at no additional cost. Designed with our patients’ health in mind, this program conveniently eliminates the need for a stop at the pharmacy on the way home. The pharmacist will process your prescriptions and discuss your medications with you prior to your discharge. More information.

Atrium Pharmacy Questions & Answers

Why can’t my prescription be charged to my inpatient hospital bill?

All medical insurance plans consider prescriptions to be outpatient charges, which are to be entirely separate from the inpatient hospital bill.

Do most health insurance plans provide outpatient prescription benefits?

Many medical insurance plans do provide prescription benefits, but through a different company which is why most require the use of a different “prescription card.” This card is necessary for the pharmacy to bill your insurance company electronically through the computer at the time the prescription is filled.

In the future, can I get all my outpatient prescriptions filled at the Atrium Pharmacy?

The Atrium Pharmacy is dedicated to meet the prescription needs of Billings Clinic patients upon discharge from the Hospital, Outpatient Surgery Center, Family Birth Center, Emergency Department, Endoscopy Department, Pediatric Center, and Transitional Care Unit.

Medication Dos and Don’ts


  • Tell the doctor about all medications being taken and about any allergies or sensitivities.
  • Be sure all instructions are fully understood including:
    • When to take the drug
    • What to take with it
    • How long the medication should be taken
    • What to do if problems occur
  • Keep a record of any drugs or vaccines to which you are sensitive.

For patients who take numerous medications at different times or for special circumstances:

  • Keep a list of prescribed medications and any over-the-counter medicines ordered by the doctor.
  • A chart can be handy in keeping track of medications. The chart should include:
    • Name of each drug and why it is being taken
    • What time of day it should be taken and whether it should be taken before, during or after meals
    • Check off on the chart each time a medication is taken to see that instructions are followed.


  • Do not take more or less than the prescribed amount.
  • Do not stop taking a drug without checking with your doctor, even if you feel better!
  • Do not mix alcohol and medication unless you have checked with your pharmacist.
  • Do not borrow medications prescribed for someone else.
  • Do not transfer a drug from its original bottle to another container.
  • Do not keep old or expired medications in your medicine cabinet. They could lose their effectiveness or even become harmful.

Atrium Pharmacy

Billings Clinic Hospital
2800 10th Ave. North
Billings, MT 59101

Open 24-hours/day,
7 days/week

866-369-9873 (toll free)

For specific location and parking, visit our Maps/Locations directory.

Medication Assistance Program



Atrium Pharmacy

Billings Clinic Hospital
2800 10th Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101

Unused or Left Over Medication

If you or your family members have unused medications at home, we can help you safely dispose of them at Billings Clinic.

Drop off unused medications at:

Billings Clinic Atrium Pharmacy

2800 Tenth Avenue North Hospital Entrance (center atrium)

Our Unused Medication Disposal is located in the wall near the Atrium Pharmacy, across from Deaconess Chapel.