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Billings Clinic Pharmacy Resident Wellness Program

The Billings Clinic Pharmacy Resident Wellness Program strives to promote resident wellbeing and resilience. 

Resident Wellness Subcommittee (RWSC)

This group operates as a subcommittee of the Residency Advisory Committee (RAC) and consists of a chairperson, the residents’ mentors, and other volunteers. The RWSC orients residents to the wellness program to the residents at the beginning of the year.  They also help organize wellness activities throughout the year.  Additionally, the RWSC meets at least quarterly with each resident and their mentor to gather wellness-related information and establish resident-specific goals related to wellbeing and building resilience. 

Mentor Program

At the beginning of each year, residents have the opportunity to select a formal mentor for the year through a resident-mentor match process that takes place during Orientation.  In general, mentors help promote resident wellness and connect them to resources as need. Mentors can also assist with career planning and professional development as well as getting to know Billings, MT. 

Wellness Educational Sessions

The RWSC organizes at least 2 educational sessions per year for the residents, focusing on wellness and professional development. Typically, this consists of residents going out for a meal with a member of the RWSC, their mentors, and a licensed counselor from the Employee Assistance Program.  They discuss topic such as stress management, work-life balance, preventing burnout, and other self-care topics.

Contact the Wellness Committee

Resident Wellness Subcommittee Chair

Megan Saunders, PharmD, BCPS

Phone: 406-435-6786