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Psychiatric Services

In case of Psychiatric Emergency or Crisis

Call 911
Crisis Text Line
Text START to 741-741
Yellowstone Youth Crisis Network

Billings Clinic Psychiatric Services has the largest psychiatric inpatient hospital unit and adult and youth behavioral health clinic in Montana. The most extensive team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, advanced care providers, nurses and mental health workers serve a vast region across eastern Montana and northern Wyoming.

The mental health care needs of individuals and communities across our state are great. Montana has one of the highest suicide rates of all 50 states and serves vulnerable populations including veterans, Native Americans on seven reservations (covering a vast geographic area); and many others who struggle with mental illnesses. Many have difficulty accessing care because of the great distances to getting mental health care.

Since mental illness is the leading cause of disability in the United States, our goal is to provide innovative treatments for patients and be a leading edge organization where new mental health professionals desire to work and care for patients. Billings Clinic Psychiatric Services has a significant challenge and opportunity to lead the cause in providing mental health care to our region.

Psychiatric Services in Several Settings

Psychiatric Center

Billings Clinic Psychiatric Center provides comprehensive, confidential mental health services including inpatient hospital treatment for adults and youth. In addition, Youth Partial Hospitalization Programs allow students to attend school within our facilities with support of mental health professionals. These services are provided at Billings Clinic Psychiatric Center on the main campus.

Behavioral Health Clinic

Comprehensive outpatient services including psychiatric, psychological testing, and mental health counseling for individuals and families are available at Billings Clinic Behavioral Health Clinic.


For those who live in rural communities in Montana, mental health services are delivered through the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network. Through private interactive video conferencing equipment, mental health professionals can see and talk to clients from across the region.

Emergency and Hospital Consultations

Patients in a psychiatric crisis are seen in our hospital emergency department or a hospital room by a social worker and psychiatrist.