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Published on October 22, 2014

Three Couples Find Joy Through In Vitro Fertilization

10-15% of couples in the U.S. experience infertility. It affects men and women equally. There are many causes, some of them easy to detect and others that are much more challenging. Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant after one year of frequent unprotected sex. For many couples, the wait is much longer. April is National Infertility Awareness Month. As the only health care organization to offer reproductive endocrinology in a two state region, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of couples to overcome infertility and bring new life into the world. Here are stories of success from our resilient patients.

Olivia & Ella, Cash, and Eli

Couples with children

Having grown up together in the small town of Philipsburg, MT, DeAnna and Ryan were best friends for a long time. When they decided to have a baby together, doctors discovered that DeAnna needed surgery for problems associated with infertility. Trying to become a mother nearly ended DeAnna’s life, but she persevered. Throughout the challenges of trying to get pregnant, DeAnna and Ryan fell in love. They got married and soon after they began the process of in vitro fertilization. They had beautiful twin girls, Olivia and Ella.

Crista and Dustin have been friends since high school in Philipsburg. They reconnected several years later when Dustin paid a visit to the school where Crista now works as a kindergarten teacher. After a surprise engagement party, followed by a wedding on a beach in the Bahamas, they were both anxious to start a family.  What they didn’t know was just how challenging it would be. The couple remembers week after week of hormone shots. Crista even chased down a FedEx driver from Philipsburg to Drummond when she missed her hormone shipment. What they also didn’t know was that their friends were facing the same struggle. After trying several different treatment options, Crista and Dustin had their baby, Cash, through IVF at Billings Clinic the very next cycle after their friends DeAnna, Ryan, Antoinette (Toni) and Logan. Their babies are 6 months apart in age.

Toni and Logan also met through the school district in Philipsburg. They were both working as teachers and coaches at the high school. They were engaged a year later and, like the other two couples, they also dreamt of growing their family together. In vitro fertilization was their only option. They were successful and welcomed their baby boy, Eli into the world just days apart from DeAnna and Ryan’s twins, Olivia and Ella.

Three couples, all friends, in one small town of 800 people experienced infertility and found joy through in vitro fertilization. Infertility is so much more common than people might think. No couple needs to face it alone. There are services and support available. You might just find that your friend, neighbor, or sister is experiencing the same challenges. With incredible technology and expertise, determination, and strength; many couples can find hope that they too will have a baby that is #MadewithLove.

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