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Lifeline™ Personal Emergency Response Service

Helping you live independently and safely at home

Lifeline provides the peace of mind and security for you in your home, and gives your family and friends confidence that help is immediately available. If assistance is needed, Lifeline personnel will request assistance from your chosen list of family members or neighbors, or contact 911 emergency help if necessary.

Lifeline System options include:

  • HomeSafe Standard – uses a landline telephone service.
  • HomeSafe Wireless – uses cellular-enabled phone service.
  • GoSafe Standard – uses GPS outside the home and landline in the home.
  • GoSafe Wireless – uses GPS technology anywhere where AT & T wireless network coverage is available.

Lifeline Personal Help Button options that accompany the Lifeline System include:

  • Basic Personal Help Button – small and lightweight, waterproof for continuous wear and the neck or wrist strap is adjustable for the right fit.
  • AutoAlert Button - small and lightweight and is available for a small additional fee. The AutoAlert Button will automatically signal for help should you fall. It is waterproof for continuous wear and the neck strap is adjustable for the right fit.

Billings Clinic Lifeline Monthly Fees

Billings Clinic will install the system and provide ongoing support. Service may be cancelled at any time, as no long term contract is required.

  • HomeSafe Standard with Basic Personal Help Button: $33
  • HomeSafe Standard with AutoAlert Button: $46
  • HomeSafe Wireless with Basic Personal Help Button: $49
  • HomeSafe Wireless with AutoAlert Button: $59
  • GoSafe Mobile Help Button – one time Purchase:  $100
  • New  GoSafe2 Wireless with AutoAlert Button: $46 monthly
  • One time installation fee: $35 for in-home installation on HomeSafe units. 

If you have questions or need more information, please call 406-657-4433, or 1-800-332-7156, ext. 4433.

Billings Clinic Lifeline
801 North 27th St.
Billings, Montana


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